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New design, blog and projects area

Welcome :)

The new design is up - I'm still working on some details, the contents on the homepage are missing (they are not here yet) and the whole thing hasn't been looked at on Mac or Linux. Win IE (6.0.28), Firefox (0.9.2) and Opera (7.23) look ok, not 100% pixel-perfect, but good enough imo. This will be completed step by step in the next weeks.

Also, I've installed Wordpress on this server, to have a (public) blog finally. My first impression of Wordpress is: looks very good. Not that hackish/buggy like our previous blogs ... ;) Regarding the MT/OS Blog debate, I think, this post at a WordPress Dev Blog could be interesting: A minor debate. Of course, there's a lot more to get out of WordPress than what's here so far. This one is just a basic installation. Examining and trying the lots of plugins available has to wait for now, but definitely will be fun.

The Projects area is password protected and will remain closed for anybody else than project members and customers. For now, you already must be logged in to access the site, otherwise you'll get a (furthermore: invisble *g*) error message.

What remains is a Wiki and (probably) the Pim/Calendar system. Regarding the first, I'm going to evalutate some wiki stuff first. Regarding the latest, I'm not sure wheather it makes sense to add it to the public site or not.

Ok, that's that for now. I'm awaiting your feedback / suggestions via mailinglist.