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Have someone else apply your (CSS) hacks

This way, I could write standard-compliant CSS (one thing, I'm still learning to do) in Firefox, configure my script, run it ... and than see, what the site looks like in IE, Opera, Safari etc. I could choose between several CSS hacking strategies and variants and than check out, which one performs best.

Such a tool at hand, this could be done by selecting some options on a website and clicking "Run!", instead of modifying dozens of cryptic hacked CSS lines by hand, re-calculating widths, borders, paddings etc. all the time. I'd keep working on a "clean", standard compliant CSS as a source file for the script. The pages would show up in the browser with the hacked, script-output version.

Thinking about this idea, some things popped into my mind ...

  • Going further, I could build up a web interface, giving other people (with less experience in using php scripts) the possibility to have their CSS sheets hacked also.
  • Having the script under an OS licence and having build it up with some plug-interface (or even mini-language) other people (who have some more experience using CSS than me) could even contribute extensions, thus making the script more useful and flexible.
  • And once, when the whole stuff rounds up to a stable, useful tool, it could be transformed into plugins for several blogging engines, wikis, cms' and other frameworks supporting plugins. Wheew. ;)

Cool idea, I thought. Someone must have written that already! I asked Google, the most heavily frequented CSS Guru blogs and CSS ressource pages I know ... but I found nothing comparable.

Am I blind?

Any hints are very appreciated. Sometimes I use the wrong keywords and don't have clue ...

In the meanwhile, I'll start thinking about a bunch of classes, that could set up a useful framework for this script. :)