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Howto get PHPUnit2 talk to a browser

Ok, I admit it took me a while to figure out how to run a PHPUnit2 testcase via http rather than cli on a Windows box.

First thing I needed to understand is that PHPUnit2_Util_Printer::__construct() sets fopen('php://stdout', 'r'); as output stream by default. This won't output anything, so one has to advise the printer to use php://output.

Next thing was that I started the TestRunner by run(). Wrong way ... this instantiated a new PHPUnit2_TextUI_TestRunner object and my output stream was send to nirvana.

The following works though:

$suite = new PHPUnit2_Framework_TestSuite();
$suite->addTestSuite(new ReflectionClass('MyTestCase'));
$runner = new PHPUnit2_TextUI_TestRunner();
$printer = new PHPUnit2_TextUI_ResultPrinter('php://output');
echo '<pre>';
$result = $runner->doRun($suite);

And don't tell me to rtfm. I've found no docs on this. Nothing. I don't think there are any. :(