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RSpec 0.5.5 on Rails released

Hey, cool. I've just found an email dropping in my inbox that announces the release of RSpec 0.5.5. on Rails.

When I checked the last time, there's been a short note on the "Tools: RSpec on Rails" page on RSpec's project page saying something like "Yes, there's an experimental extension in SVN and if you feel really adventurous you may check it out." or so.

So I did, of course :) But unfortunately I haven't got anywhere with it - the specs just haven't been executed and from a quick look into the code I haven't been able to tackle anything.

There's been some discussion on the RSpec dev mailinglist since talking about the best way to integrate Rails support (i.e. as a plugin, gem, ...) recently and I'm totally excited to read that there's a release within less than a week now.

In the meantime there's also an intro on the RSpec on Rails page linked above covering the installation process, howto run specs, naming conventions and each one example for usage with Rails models and controllers.

Honestly. I can't wait to check this stuff out.