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Starting an article series on Globalize

Yes. I finally managed to finish the (first version of the) first part of my series "Get on Rails with Globalize".

My idea with this write-up is to provide a complete summary of everything about and around Globalize - which IMO is the most complete, most elegant and (notably) most Rail'ish I18n solution available.

I thus started weeding through the archives of the Rails I18n and the Globalize mailing list (well, sort of, I needed to use my local archive to weed the latter because it's badly missing an online archive so far), the Globalize wiki and several other ressources Google came up with.

I started my work on this series by the end of August, having been timed-out by obligations and stuff again and again. It also actually took me a while to collect and sieve out the relevant bits of information, check their up-to-dateness (e.g. of bug reports), sort and split everything into chunks and topics. But hey, I think this will have been worth that while. So ... finally ... here we go :-)