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Technorati's hCard to vCard service

What this service does is that it converts my hCard to a vCard and download it to the user, nothing less, nothing more. After the download is finished the addressbook opens and the vCard is added to my contacts. (At least, that's what happening on my Mac. I believe, on other OS something equivalent will happen, does it?) To "install" this nifty thingy you simply put a plain HTML link to this URL onto a page that includes a hCard. When clicked, Technorati will go and look at the referring page, find the hCard, convert it to a vCard and return it to the user. Isn't that just beautiful? Painless plain simple distributed usefulness. I think that's a fantastic example of what microformats are good for. Oh, by the way. Of course there are several tools to create the hCard markup as well. For example there's one directly on the microformats homepage. Also, be sure to have a look at this one :)