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Mephisto Globalization and new Globalize features

Saimon Moore, one of the members of the Globalize developers team, came up with a Globalize plugin for Mephisto, "the best blogging system ever". Reaction on the Mephisto mailinglist: "Wow, this rocks really hard! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! :)"

Globalizing Mephisto
First part of a two-part series on Globalizing your Mephisto application.

Also, Saimon posted a series of articles about the new additions to Globalize on his blog recently:

The Internal Storage Mechanism For Globalize for Rails Model Translations
A comprehensive overview of the said feature - very informative, highly recommended.

Making migrating to Globalize's internal storage mechanism easy
How to switch to the alternative storage mechanism the easy way.

Namespaced View Translations
An article about Saimons latest addition to Globalize's features list.

Namespaced View Translations? What? This funny dialog from Saimon's article demonstrates nicely the kind of usecases that this feature is about:

Your boss phones you up and bellows: "None of the site’s links are working in Slovenian?"
You: "Jeez, don’t translators know you can’t use non-ascii characters in URLs?"
Boss: "Umm, well no. They’re translators. That’s your job."
You: "Ah, well, ok I’ll just give them a list of words that are urls and should be translated without accents."
Boss: "But we use the word ‘section’ in the view as well ..."
You: "ummm ... Let me think ..." (time passes)
Boss: "Also we need the site in Greek which has a lot of strange characters. And come to think of it, this list of urls is getting pretty hard to maintain."
You: "Well, what we need is to be able to have two sorts of translation of the word ‘section’, one for the front end and one for the urls."

... and that's exactly where Namespaced Viewtranslations come in.