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Finally: moving to Berlin now

Year! I'm in the middle of relocating to Berlin: we're going to pitch our camp right here.

I've been living in the drop-dead gorgeous Wendland (Lower Saxony, Germany) for the last 15 years now and I've greatly enjoyed it. But now the time has come that I'm goint to move to a large city again. There's a multitude of (mostly personal) reasons why we chose to move to Berlin, but I'm very excited about the plethora of additional opportunities re: development, design, networking etc. that I'll be able to dive into.

One big event that I'm particulary looking forward to is of course the RailsConf Europe which is hosted in Berlin this year.

So that's all pretty exciting and thrilling!

If you're ever going to Berlin please drop me a note so we can meet and have a few beers or so. Also, I'm going to offer my couch to nice people like you. So if you don't know where to stay in Berlin, just get in touch.

PS: Please forgive me if some of your comments on my blog have been waiting inconveniently long!

PPS: I've already changed my hCard/address on this blog to show my new address in Berlin. Actually, we're going to hit our new domicile on Monday next week.