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Ruby on Rails plugin: Bundled CSS and Javascript assets

By bundling and compacting your CSS and Javascript ressources you can significantly reduce your page load times because there's (potentially) far less HTTP overhead occuring.

This little plugin does all the packaging and compacting for you - on the fly. There's no need to handle any Rake tasks or even copy stuff manually. Simply install the plugin and you're ready to use dynamic asset URLs in your templates.

You can read more about the Bundled Assets plugin here:

You can grab the source code here:


It is also worth noting that bundled Javascript and CSS assets will be supported natively in Rails 2.0! This feature has even bee selected as one of those prominent Rails 2.0 features that he presented during his keynote at the RailsConf Chicago 2007 on May 18th.

In the meantime you can use this plugin with Rails 1.2.3. :-)