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Mephisto Plugin: Full Archives (plus: an irresistable offer)

I really enjoyed putting this together with Liz. She even helped me to make the first version of the plugin even simpler and told me about the |% ifchanged %} Liquid tag that I wasn't aware of.

Also, I was quite impressed how Liz - doing unusual things in Liquid - got Mephisto to do funky things that the software is rather not designed for. I initially called it a "hack" but meanwhile I think that's what's really called "thinking outside the box". :-) Anyways, this was both instructive and fun!

And it also sparked the idea for the following offer:

Send me your Mephisto plugin requests!

If you think there's something missing in Mephisto and it could be done as a plugin, just drop me a note (or post to the Mephisto mailinglist). If I agree that it's a feature that would make sense I might have a stab at implementing it.

Of course I don't want to waste time (mine and yours) with weird stuff and there might be a multitude reasons to reject a request. But if by any means it's a reasonable feature that I can implement without spending ages of time, I very well might just do it.

So, give it a try!

There are a couple of ways to contact me listed on my about page.