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Google Analytics plugin for Ruby on Rails released

I've just released a first version of the Google Analytics plugin for Ruby on Rails that I've done in the course of the offer to build custom plugins for Mephisto users.

You can grab the plugin and read more about it here: Ruby on Rails Plugin: Google Analytics (blue egg edition)

Eran Ben Sabat was the first to contact me about this offer and suggested that I could write a Google Analytics plugin which he was interested in.

By now there's another interesting request by Thilo Thamm who asked for a plugin for allowing users to add blog posts. This sounds like another great idea for a useful plugin and I plan to tackle this one next.

I was totally thrilled how much fun it was to work with both Liz and Eran Ben Sabat on their plugins. So my offer still stands. If you have an idea for a nice plugin, don't hesitate to drop me a note.