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Taskmate officially ready for review

Here's the changelog for this version:

Taskmate 0.1 (review release)

  • added an Add Tag command with a popup to choose from available tags
  • added Tab to Previous/Next Tag macros
  • added Jump to Source feature for projects
  • added an Add Task command
  • added a mini statistics feature (output after tag files are rebuild)
  • added a help file
  • rewrote language grammar to rely on common scopes and fix various issues
  • allowed environment variables to set the base directory
  • allowed environment variable for using unicode checkmark as completed bullet
  • resolved various minor conflicts and bugs
  • adhered to TextMate coding guidelines

Even at this early stage I'd like to say thank you to Michael Sheets for doing an amazing job as a TextMate review gatekeeper and Nigel, who attentively tested every single move I made, provided lots of feedback and additional code as well as even a complete help file.

Now we are eagerly awaiting to get bashed down by the TextMate guys for any glitches and mistakes in order to make this bundle even better :)


Oh! If you want to find out what Taskmate does or download the bundle you can head over to the Taskmate project page.